This exhibition has been made possible through sponsorship provided by the City of Sydney to exhibition curator Dr. Shirleene Robinson. The exhibition has also benefitted enormously from a partnership with ACON. Thank you to the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA) for providing permission to use many of the images in this exhibition, and to Sydney’s Pride History Group for ongoing support. 

The following people have also provided valuable input for this exhibition: Anisa Puri—for website design, website production and curation of audio content, Nick Henderson—for archival research at ALGA, as well as Nic Parkhill (ACON CEO), Reg Domingo (ACON), Gay Egg, Robert French, C. Moore Hardy, Justin Koonin (ACON), Alexandrio Lim (ACON), Sarah Midgley, Robert Reynolds, Helen Ross-Browne, Paul Sendziuk, Lin Tobias and Cheryl Ware.

Many thanks to all the interviewees featured in this online exhibition: Nicola Addison, Barrie Brockwell, Patricia Davidson, David Edler, Perry Head, Peter Fyfe, Jenny Jagger, and Tess Ziems. 

The exhibition and this digital site have benefited from background research made possible through funding from the Australian Research Council DP160103548 awarded to Shirleene Robinson, Robert Reynolds and Paul Sendziuk. More than sixty people have been interviewed about their experiences of volunteering with HIV and AIDS organisations in 1980s and 1990s Australia. Their generosity and courage in sharing their stories has been invaluable. For more on the larger project that this exhibition draws from, visit the HIV/AIDS Volunteers History Project

All efforts have been made to find and attribute copyright.

Dr. Shirleene Robinson

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